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How to save on insurance!

If you shop around on the Internet you can get some pretty decent discounts on insurance, but you have to be careful because the majority of websites that offer so-called cheap insurance are not being completely honest because, let's face it, in the end you only get what you pay for. There are however a number of ways in which you can cut your insurance costs considerably.

First lesson is to shop around! Get as many courts as you can from reputable insurers, making sure that the policies cover everything that you want to have covered. Take a look at the excess that you prepared to pay. By paying a larger access you can often reduce a quotation considerably. Make a habit of never claiming for small amounts, because insurers just don't like this! You run the risk of being marked down as a high risk client and your premiums will shoot up accordingly.

Consider taking out both your car and home insurance policies with the same company, many insurers will give you a decent discounts for this.
Don't be tempted to pay monthly! Lots of companies will offer a monthly pay facility but they will always charge you extra for this and than it would often be cheaper to pay for a year's insurance on your credit card and spread your payments, rather than accept a diabolical interest rate from your insurer!

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Check exactly what is covered and what is not in every policy. Many contain benefits that you may not need; for instance a free courtesy car in the event of an accident would not be much use to you if you already have a second car in the family.

Check up on how much mileage you actually cover in the year. You may be able to get a price reduction if you're expected mileage is lower than average.

Finally, consider accepting a much larger excess; this is the amount of money that you pay yourself towards the costs in the event of a claim. A substantial voluntary excess could knock your premium down very considerably.

Once you've done all this please, please do not accept a quotation from a company that you have never heard of, and certainly not from one that is based abroad! No matter how careful driver you are accidents do happen and if you are lucky enough to be involved in one the last thing on earth you want is to find that your insurer can't, or won't, pay up! UK based companies are subject to much heavier regulation than those in many other countries and if you find yourself in dispute with your insurer it can prove very difficult indeed if the company is not subject to UK legislation.

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